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Diamantique’s first foal is born!

On June 20, 2018, our mare, Diamantique, brought her first foal to the world of Cornet Obolensky. Diamantique is the full sister of Diamant Delaqour or also known as Diamant de Quidam, the best stallion at the Oldenburg Licensing 2015 in Vechta. Diamantique’s sire Diamant de Semilly is regarded as an exceptional show jumper and sire.

Cornet Obolensky is a Belgian gray stallion who has been highly successfully presented by Marco Kutscher at numerous international tournaments. From the moment Cornet Obolensky set foot in the world of breeding, riders as well as breeders have been fascinated by this charming grey. At the 2001 Westphalian stallion inspection the audience watched breathlessly as this product of the golden combination Clinton x Heartbreaker just seemed to flirt with the jumps. In the 30-day test this phenomenal athlete received a 9.24 score for jumping aspects and a 10 for free jumping.

We believe, foal will be a superstar in the future!

Goodbye Armitage

It was a sad day for the Klatte Stables on June 22nd 2018. On this day, they had to say goodbye to one of their best sires, Armitage. He was among those who have made the breeding company so famous and popular. The stallion suffered from a serious disease and had to be put down. Tjeert Hoekstar bred him, before he encountered his career in breeding and in the equestrian sport in Klein Roscharden.

As a sport horse, Rolf Moormann, who has won series of show jumping competitions with him including the Bundeschampionat, first introduced Armitage. Afterwards Johannes Ehning took over before his brother Marcus Ehning was internationally successful with him.

The liver chestnut stallion was also famous for his name “Pumuckl” and was also the master school horse for Guido Klatte Jun. He was the youngest silver medal winner at the German Championships in Balve. Together with Armitage, Guido became the German junior champion and has since then won more medals and ribbons in higher-level competitions.

As a sire, Armitage passed on the qualities that he was blessed with. Armitage was the son of the legendary Argentinus. His mother, elite mare Farina, was also an offspring of the big names in showjumping: Grannus, Inschallah AA and Furioso II.

Recent achievements by Arimatage’s offspring shown by the German FN, include an income of over 300.000 Euros altogether. One of the most famous offspring of Armitage, is Armitages Boy, who joined the 2013 European Championships in Herning under Aymeric de Ponnat and in 2017 he jumped under Lorenzo de Luca (ITA) in Göteborg.

There are 11 licensed sons of Armitage alive today. Nine of them have been listed in the studbook I. Additionally there are 38 broodmares, and two of them are State Premium Mares.

A charming filly by Grey Flannel

"NAME" is a particularly attractive and harmoniously filly built with high gear potential and a true nature changer.She is a filly by Gray Flannel and was born on June 10, 2018. Grey Flannel is a dressage youngster of international origin and an eye-catcher for the large dressage arena. Denisa Hit is by De Niro, who was 2008 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year. Denisa Hit's mother is St. Pr. Sissy. The mare is by Sandro Hit the dominant refiner with a modern look. Wir sind überglücklich und sicher, dass unser Stutfohlen ein zukünftiger Star sein wird!

Westphalia and Oldenburg suggest testing for WFFS

In relation to the ongoing discussion of Warmblood Fragile Syndrome (WFFS), there has been a reaction from two of the oldest breeding associations in Germany. The Westphalian Studbook and the two Oldenburg associations recommend mare owners and stallion breeders to do a genetic test.  The results should be published and announced to the breeding associations.

On the homepage of the Westphalian Studbook two texts have been published. In the first post the associations share their position on the genetic deficiency of WFFS. They are concerned about the pathology and heredity and are also focused on the attitude of the horse breeding associations regarding this matter. Most of the German and European Warmblood breeding associations suggest not making decisions too quickly. The first set of tests done on KWPNs had results of 10 stallions being carriers of WFFS from 250 tested diagnosed stallions.

However, some European warmblood breeding associations also have taken more serious measures. The mutual objective of the breeders, stud owners and breeding associations needs to be the prevention of the pairing of WFFS-carrier animals, since there is a 25 percent chance that a foal is born with the risk of the genetic deficiency. Other than that this prevention also needs to be done, because pairing done deliberately of two WFFS carriers would be the concern of animal protection.

To know more about the genetic illness WFFS, there is a study going on in Germany in which all warmblood breeding associations are participating. The study mainly examines how wide spread WFFS has become in the population. Other than that the study will also find out how wide other genetic deficiencies are spread.

Read more: Westphalia and Oldenburg suggest testing for WFFS

Welcome Morihall!

For Championesse has born on 19 May 2018 a dark brown filly. For Championesse is from Furstenball, who fascinates the eye. With maximum ease, submissiveness and elasticity, he presents himself as an outstanding modern dressage horse. Morihall's father is Morricone. He is the Oldenburg Champion Stallion 2014 and received a standing ovation in Vechta. The stallion took part in the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in November - December 2015 and clearly won the dressage index, where he received the grade 10.0 in step and rideability. The score of the stallion performance test is only the weighted overall grade. After evaluating his own appearance, his own performance under the saddle and the offspring evaluation of the first foal year Morricone was awarded the Oldenburg I-a-Hauptprämie 2016.

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