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Since the 1st November 2018, a new EU-Animal Breeding Regulation has been established. The German regulation of the ZVO (Zuchtverbandsordnung) will adjust accordingly. One of the new rules is the test for sires for the gene defect of WWS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome).

Since the 1st November 2018, in the new EU-Animal Breeding Regulation it says that the consideration of health traits such as defects or irregularities is mandatory. The test for WFFS is implied in this statement.

Breeding associations need to point out the WFFS on their websites starting 2019 as the new regulations also affect the German breeding area. The ZVO requires a WFFS chapter to be included in the breeding program. In some small breeds and pony breeds and also cold bloods there are also examinations for gene defects that have been going on for a longer period of time. The WFFS test compulsion for 2019 for riding horse stallions was initiated in September in a meeting of the Breeding Department of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN).

Major auction success for Delaqour in Vechta

On 24 November the stallion auction took place at one of Germany’s leading breeding associations – the Oldenburger Verband. Of course, Delaqour was there and participated with our fine stallion Congratulation (Cornet Obolensky - Diarado - Landgraf I). The previous day Congratulation became licensed premium stallion.

Only two sons of international top producer Cornet Obolensky were given the predicate premium stallion. The other one sold for 40.000€. Our Congratulation achieved a knock-down price of 80.000€, which was well above the average price for licensed stallions (69.846€). The average price of non-licensed stallions was 24.600€.

The highest knock-down price was 220.000€ for the stallion with the pedigree Don Diarado - Conthargos – Lordanos. The second most expensive stallion was by Millennium/T. - Rubin-Royal - De Niro and cost 180.000€.

We are particularly happy that Congratulation was bought by a leading German stud owner who has been quite successful in equestrian sports. We are quite sure that we will hear about Congratulation’s achievements soon!


‘Congratulation’ becomes Premium Stallion 2018

Our young stallion Congratulation became premium stallion at the Oldenburg licensing in November 2018.

The only thing complementing Congratulation is applause. The extraordinary gene in which this pedigree is based is worth praising. The bloodline connection between Cornet Obolensky with Diarado- Landgraf I- Capitol I – Sacramento Song xx from 741 couldn’t have been a better match.

21 of Cornet Obolensky´s oldest offspring have advanced to the highest level of show jumping. Never before has a stallion been so proponent in passing on his talent for top-level sport. From the moment Cornet Obolensky entered the world of breeding, riders as well as breeders have been fascinated. In the 30-day test this phenomenal athlete received a 9.24 score for jumping aspects and a 10 for free jumping. Once the stallion was teamed up with Marco Kutscher in the saddle the admiration for Cornet Obolensky´s jumping talent simply rocketed. The combination qualified for the Bundeschampionat´s finals with amazing scores. Cornet Obolensky´s first crop of sons saw the immediate approval of top-class stallions Cristallo I (1.60m classes with Henrik von Eckermann), Cornado NRW (1.60m classes with Marcus Ehning) and Conte Bellini (the absolute revelation of the 2013 World Cup Finals in Göteborg under the Latvian rider Kristaps Neretieks). And there is Daniel Deusser´s phenomenal ace Cornet d´Amour, who also stems from Cornet Obolensky´s first crop. Cornet Obolensky´s first crop also produced Marco Kutcher´s current top horse Cornet´s Cristallo and Emanuele Gaudiano´s EC star Cocoshynsky. At this stage Cornet Obolensky has at least 32 offspring competing at 1.60m level and we´re still counting.

The dam sire, Diarado can be regarded as the founder of a new line for international show jumping breeding. Diarado was champion of the Holstein licensing in 2007 and with numerous marks between 9 and 10, was the undisputed champion of his stallion performance test in Schlieckau in 2008. He impresses with exemplary ease at the jump, with superior scope, a willingness to perform that is second to none, manoeuvrability and intelligence, attributes that are necessary for today’s technical courses. Diarado won several show-jumping classes; in 2010 he won the qualifier at the Bundeschampionship with a mark of 9.3 and in the final, he won the Bronze medal (with two marks of 9.0). To date, he has regularly been highly placed at advanced level/S and came third in the Grand Prix (S***) at the traditional Dobrock competition. His offspring are clearly marked by their father: pleasing with their striking type, easy to ride, strong movement and with a lot of scope. This is why they are much sought-after at numerous auctions. To date, 37 sons were licensed in Germany, amongst them numerous premium sires. The Oldenburg Stallion Days in 2013 in Vechta were a festival for Diarado: His son De Quidam was champion stallion of the OS-collection and sold for 115.000 euros to Westphalia. Diarado's Boy was the top price at 450.000 euros at the AOS-auction in 2011 and proclaimed Ia main premium winner. A striking number of his offspring qualified for the German national championships and were placed finalists.

Diarado is also placed above average in the dressage breeding value estimation. His sire Diamant de Semilly is one of the best show jumping sires worldwide and with Dicapo in 2011 and with Diamant de Quidam in 2015 has produced two Champion Stallions at the OS-licensing, as well as other licensed sons who currently receive much attention.

Congratulation is licensed premium stallion

The Oldenburg stallion days from 22 to 24 November were a complete success for Delaqour. Our stallion Congratulation (Cornet Obolensky - Diarado - Landgraf I) was not only licensed but also obtained the predicate “premium stallion” (German: Prämienhengst). Out of around 3.000 contenders, only 13 stallions were given the “premium” grade.

For the German-based team of Delaqour this was not only a huge success but also a very happy turn of events – if not entirely unexpected, as we already knew that Congratulation was a winner. The reason was that Mrs Adinda Yuanita – the founder and owner of Delaqour Premium GmbH – and her family came to Vechta expressly to witness the licensing (Körung) process.

We are also happy to announce our plan to become Asia’s foremost breeder of first-grade German horses. Breeding will be conducted according to strictest German standards and in close cooperation with German horse breeding associations such as Oldenburger Verband. We are thus looking forward to Fabian Kühl’s (lead auctioneer at Oldenburg Verband) visit to Indonesia next year.


The Hanoverian November Auction 2018

The Hanoverian association ends their auction year 2018 with a successful November auction, where the average price of the auction was about 3000 Euros and it was the show jumping horses that dominated the show.

Even in the auction in October it was a showjumper that reached the highest price. The buyer was Cian O’Connor from Ireland. Also, the most recent price highlight goes to the UK: 79.000 Euros for Carissima v. Contendro-Graf Top bred and exhibited by Karsten Asendorf in Thedinghausen. Carissima is already the fifth foal from the Asendorf mare Gardefrau Top, that has advanced to a bestseller in Verden.

An Austrian Dressage Stable secured the second most expensive horse for 70.000 Euros. They took home Dante’s Daiquiri v. Dante Weltino-Avagon, bred by Nicole Nemits Garlstorf.

There were 74 riding horses in total who averagely acquired 18.784 Euros. Such an average price has never before been achieved in the Verden November auction. 32 horses went overseas and lastly to end the auction year, the head of sales events , Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener said: “we are very pleased with the rundown and result of the auction, which is an impressive ending after the successful elite auction and the spectacular stallion market. A big compliment to our breeders and exhibitors. The event would not be possible without them.”

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