Stallion licensing pre-selection at Oldenburger Verband

Stallion licensing pre-selection at Oldenburger Verband


Tuesday, 09.10.18: The stallion licensing pre-selection in Vechta is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Only the best of the best will be parading at the Oldenburg Stallion Days from 22 to 24 November in Vechta.

Our two-year old stallion “Congratulation” was among the 190 contenders. Getting accepted to the pre-selection is already a mark of distinction. As a result, we were quite excited when we learned that Congratulation will compete in the pre-selection.

The first round during the selection was a free-jumping session. The six judges meticulously observed the young stallions’ jumping performance and – if they were satisfied – the stallion was allowed to continue to the second round.  

Congratulation passed the first round with ease. He visibly enjoyed the jumping exercise, letting off energy through very high jumps and some air kicking. His excellent jumping pedigree – his father is the famous jumping champion Cornet Obolensky - manifested itself clearly.

The second round consisted of walking on hard ground (the German term is “Pflastermusterung”). The judges would scrutinize the leg movement to see if the gait was up to their high standards. Congratulation proved equally serene during the second round and passed it.

The third and final round was made up by trotting in the auction hall (“Schrittring”). After a short inspection, the judges would pronounce the stallion as “zugelassen zur Körung” (admitted for the stallion licensing) or as “Reservist” (rejected).

We are happy to say that Congratulation was accepted and thus will attend the stallion licensing in November. However, it was not a big surprise to us, as we already knew that Congratulation will be among the very best in the future.

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