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THE UNBEATABLE PAIR: Yanyan and Bodius win 140cm class in the Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018

Yanyan Hadiansah and Bodius is Equinara’s super partnership. These two have been in great form and have been consistently placed in the 140 cm classes.

This time he has done it again and we have at the Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018, on January 29 2018, in Parongpong, West Java. The pair was in excellent shape and has also won the 130 cm class the day before. Equinara Horse Sports is very pleased with his success since last year and we are looking forward to many more wins together. Yanyan was very happy with his recent result and was very excited that he could win in his home town beating Adi Katompo with Chianto who placed second and also Marco Momuat with Charlie who placed third.

“ Bodius’ condition was 100%. From the first day on he was fresh and full of energy.” Yanyan commented. “ The course was quite difficult, since the size of the arena was also quite small.  I personally found fence number 5 the most challenging. The combination was a bit tough cause the space leading to the fence was quite small. Was a bit tricky. Other than that the ground was also quite good.” He added.

Yanyan and Bodius have been partners for three years now and they have been forming a great bond inside and outside of the arena. In May 2017 Yanyan won the Indonesian Grand Prix at Arthayasa Stables where he took home an Iphone as the grand prize. Lather that year he also won A Honda Motorcycle at the APM Charity Show for the Marciano Cup.

Equinara Team Stays On Top

Yanyan Hadiansah and Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto, Equinara’s top riders have been in great form and the horses Bodius and Zandor are in super condition. At the Cinta Indonesia Open at APM Equestrian Center on the 29th October 2017, Yanyan Hadiansah and Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto placed first and second in the Marciano Cup.

Christoph Johnen from Germany once again designed the 135-140 cm course. “The competition took place in the indoor arena, which was quite challenging in terms of distances. There was one specific difficulty in the triple combination where there were two short distances and one long distance.” Says Yanyan, who was the only rider who jumped clear in the first round and in the winning round. “Bodius was on fire as usual. He jumped great! The preparation was quite easy as usual with daily flat work exercises and jumping a course once a week. I’m really happy about the result.” He added.

The fight was tight with a starting list consisting of top riders including Marc Boes from Belgium who placed fourth. However, it was quite impressive to have both Equinara riders on the top. “I have to admit Yanyan and Bodius jumped really well and the win was well deserved.” Says Ferry who had a total of 12 jumping penalties.

“The competition was quite tight. Especially with Ferry and Zandor also being in great shape. But I was the one in luck this time. Last year it was Ferry’s win. It is quite amazing that the Equinara team is still in the lead of the Marciano Cup. ” Says Yanyan.

National Training 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Congratulation for Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Yanyan Hadiansah as representative of Team Equinara for  2017 SEA Games, which will be held on August 19 – 31 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Equestrian National Training  for SEA Games XXIX / 2017 has been started since March at APM Equestrian Center, Cikupa, Tangerang.

In the national training show jumping the riders trained by Pieter Jan Berkers from Netherlands along with Nico Pelealu, while for Dressage trained by James Momongan.

The Indonesian equestrian team will bring their respective horse, which were also ridden during the training at APM Equestrian Center. In Show Jumping, Adi Katompo brings APM Nastello, Raymen Kaunang with Conquistador, Brayen Brata-coolen with Grace, while Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto with Equinara Zandor. In Dressage, Dewi Kunti Nyoto rides Come Along in her intensive training in Singapore, while Djolfie Momongan with Aragon Blitz, Rahmat Natsir with DJ Jazz, and Wilbert with Laurentio.

In this 2017 SEA Games the Indonesian Equestrian team targeted to win three gold.

Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto Trains Juniors In Chin

Our very own Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto was assigned to coach 3 junior riders from Indonesia at an international event, in China. The CSIOJ-B took place in Beijing on the 29th September 2017 – 1st October 2017. The overall result was not as expected, however Akbar Maulana was able to win third place. The four junior riders were Akbar Maulana (17 years old), Audirania Amanda Putri (18 years old), Dirga Wira Ramadan (17 years old).

“The riders still need a lot of training especially to enhance their skills and their mental preparation,” said Ferry. The riders did their best at this international event where they did not only compete against Asian countries but many other countries from all over the world. “They had a lot to learn from the other international riders. It was a good experience for them,” added Ferry. The riders who are still very young are only yet exposed to such a big international event and they still have a lot of time to participate in more events like this.

The 29-year-old coach also commented on the development of the sport in other countries compared to Indonesia. According to him other countries may be more developed in terms of facilities, however skill wise they are quite even with the others.

Overall the event was a great opportunity to gain more confidence and experience for the junior riders. “I was very happy to be their coach, as it was also a good experience for me. It really motivated me to develop my skills and knowledge further as a coach.”

Zandor and Bodius won the annual competition “Cinta Indonesia Open 2016”

Congratulations! We are putting our big smiles again. It is a great year for our company "Equinara Horse Sport Indonesia". At the annual competition "Cinta Indonesia Open (CIO) 2016", which took place on 11-13 November 2016, our horses and riders won the "Marciano Cup".

Ferry Sutoyo achieved Marciano Cup for 140 cm show jumping. With horse Equinara Zandor he reached the fastest time to 53, 33 seconds without a mistake. The second prize is won by his teammate, Yanyan Hadiyansyah with horse Equinara Bodius with a time of 50.30 with some total mistakes of 05.00.

„That’s my feeling“ said Ferry Sutoyo after he got the awards. Ferry has held a double round of the two rounds. His time is also impressive, namely 83.45 seconds in the first round and 53.33 seconds in the second round. Yanyan Hadiansyah make a clear round better than Ferry in the second round with a time of 50.30 second which means better than Ferry Sutoyo. Unfortunately, Yanyan made five mistakes first round with a bad record time, namely 90. 23 seconds.

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