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Equinara introduces their rising star at the Aragon and Cavalry Cup 2019!

Saturday, 26 January 2019- It was a great start for the Equinara Team on the first show jumping day of the Aragon and Cavalry Cup 2019 at Denkavkud, Parongpong, West Java. Our youngest rider Dirga, managed to win the 110-120 cm class with Zandor. This was an impressive performance, since it was his first time competing for Equinara and also riding Zandor.  
In the 120-125 cm class Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Grenadine placed second following Erwin M. Yoga with Count Contend. 

Equinara dominates the Podium again!

The Equinara Team never fails to make us proud. Once again we get to see Ferry and Yanyan cantering through  their Victory lap and sharing the podium. On Sunday, 27 January 2019, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Zandor have mastered their coEquinara dominates the Podium again!urse and won the most prestigious class (140 cm) at the Aragon and Cavalry Cup 2019 at Denkavkud, Parongpong, West Java. 
Following Ferry in second place was Yanyan Hadiansyah with Bodius. Both pairs rode their course amazingly and both horses were in top shape and helped in achieving the incredible results. 
Previoulsy, Ferry placed second in the 120-125 cm class with Grenadine. And another impressive performance was done by our youngest rider Dirga who won first place also with our beautiful black mare Grenadine in the 110-115 class.

Changes in the Anti-Doping and Medical Control regulations

New Year, new regulations! Yes, starting from 2019 there will be new national and international regulations in the equestrian industry. Here’s a quick review of what 2019 will bring for breeders, riders and horse owners:

Since 1 January 2019 there have been diverse changes in regards to the Anti-Doping and Medical Control regulations (ADMR).  The groundwork of this matter was based on the suggestions of the ADMR-List-Group, a group that consists of various experts, such as vets, pharmacologist, and Biochemists.

Here’s an overview of the “Do’s and Don’ts” for the start of the competition season 2019:

What’s allowed:

1.      rice bran oil

2.      Sulfur based joint supplements

3.      Cyclosporin A oder Ciclosporin

4.      Phoxim

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German Horse Quality – new seal of approval for horses “made” in Germany

The German horse breeding industry has introduced a new seal of approval: Every passport of a German horse must have a stamp of “German Horse Quality“.

The passport itself has been relaunched. It is no longer pink, but silver. In 2018 the first German Breeding associations have already began introducing the new color design. And now they have added the “German Horse Quality “stamp to identify German bred horses.

Dr. Klaus Miesner, director of the Breeding Division of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), explains that there is a reason for this : The demand of our Breeding associations is to have a common mark, in order to help recognize German horses in other countries.

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Equinara ends the year with a great achievement by Alisha Firnita

Team Equinara finished off the Branchsto Year End Fun Competition 2018 on a high note, with our youngest rider Alisha Firnita (17) winning second place in the Beginner Rider category with her German Pony, Milady.

The competition was held on the 22-23 December 2018 and was the last competition of the year. We are very excited to see Alisha competing again next year and we look forward to more wins and achievements.

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