The Unbeatable Pair: Yanyan And Bodius Win 140cm Class In The Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018

The Unbeatable Pair: Yanyan And Bodius Win 140cm Class In The Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018

Yanyan Hadiansah and Bodius is Equinara’s super partnership. These two have been in great form and have been consistently placed in the 140 cm classes.

This time he has done it again and we have at the Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018, on January 29 2018, in Parongpong, West Java. The pair was in excellent shape and has also won the 130 cm class the day before. Equinara Horse Sports is very pleased with his success since last year and we are looking forward to many more wins together. Yanyan was very happy with his recent result and was very excited that he could win in his home town beating Adi Katompo with Chianto who placed second and also Marco Momuat with Charlie who placed third.

“ Bodius’ condition was 100%. From the first day on he was fresh and full of energy.” Yanyan commented. “ The course was quite difficult, since the size of the arena was also quite small.  I personally found fence number 5 the most challenging. The combination was a bit tough cause the space leading to the fence was quite small. Was a bit tricky. Other than that the ground was also quite good.” He added.

Yanyan and Bodius have been partners for three years now and they have been forming a great bond inside and outside of the arena. In May 2017 Yanyan won the Indonesian Grand Prix at Arthayasa Stables where he took home an Iphone as the grand prize. Lather that year he also won A Honda Motorcycle at the APM Charity Show for the Marciano Cup.

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