Team Equinara at the First Jumping Team and Individual Qualification in the Asian Games 2018

Team Equinara at the First Jumping Team and Individual Qualification in the Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games bring together the top athletes of all Asian countries. Also the equestrian sport features the best riders of Asia and even the world. This year’s equestrian events are held in Jakarta International Equstrian Park, the former racing track and equestrian stables of Pulomas. The venue has transformed into an amazing world-class facility to host the Asian Games 2018. Indonesia is proud to host Olympic, World and Continental Champions as they fight for their respective countries.

After not being so lucky in Dressage and the Eventing discipline, Indonesia has high hopes for their jumping team. The first event for our Equinara riders Ferry Wahyu Haidyanto and Yanyan  Hadiansyah was the first team and individual qualification. Along with their fellow teammates Raymen Kaunang and Adi Katompo they have secured a position for the second qualification.

Raymen Kaunang and Conquistador did not make it to the finish line as they struggled on fence 6B and both rider and horse landed on the ground. Luckily no one was hurt and both rider and horse are safe and well to compete in the next round.  Adi Katompo had 4 Faults with his beautiful grey mare Capri’s Pearl.

Yanyan Hadiansyah and our very own Bodius did their best and finished with 8 jumping faults. Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto and Faults Free helped in securing a position in the next round as he finished with 4 jumping faults.

It was a very tight and challenging competition as our riders competed against some of the best riders in the world. We wish them the best of luck for the next round. 

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